WCS Light Closed Wound Care Shoe

$300.00 CD


The WCS® Light is a closed shoe and can be customized individually for off-loading. The proven quadruple layered and removable insoles enable a selective creation of plantar off-loading zones. The high heel counter provides rear foot stability and the toe upper is made of a soft, elastic, seamless and breathable material – for a comfortable fitting. The extra space in the toe area accommodates light bandages and deformities. WCS® Light incorporates a rocker bottom sole to provide a physiologically correct gait. For indoor and outdoor use.

Features and Benefits:

• Treatment for diabetic foot syndrome
• Healing shoe for open wounds and mild ulcerations
• Designed for pressure redistribution
• Used for postoperative phase after toe and/or forefoot surgery

• Insole alterations are possible for selective off-loading for individual needs
• The rocker style sole produces an ergonomically correct walking pattern
• Soft and breathable upper provides maximum comfort and leaves extra space for bandages

• Includes customizable insoles
• Sold in pairs to eliminate discrepancies in shoe height and the potential associated
knee and hip pain

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WCS Light Closed Wound Care Shoe

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