Pedors Slides 600SL

$210 CD


The Pedors Classic Slides Black are shoes designed for people with Lymphedema or very swollen feet. They are often used by people who have bandaging on their feet. These slide are available in a XXX-Wide (6E) width and and have a wide, easy to close single strap.

Typically when people’s feet swell their shoes get really tight and uncomfortable, that’s if they can even get them on at all. The Pedors Classic Slide solves that problem. The open back and wide single strap closure system allows the shoe to opened very wide. The foot is placed in the shoe and secured to the optimum comfort level. If the swelling in your feet increases during the day simply readjust the single strap and in no time you will be walking in comfort again. Designed to provide relief from those suffering with swollen feet, edema, lymphedema, CMT, diabetes and arthritis as well as bunions and other forefoot problems.


• Very Lightweight
• Seamless Stretch Upper made with Pedoprene™
• Single Wide-Strap Closure
• Removable Inserts
• Machine Washable
• Widths Available: XXX-Wide (6E) Only


• Lightweight materials ensure that feet don’t tire throughout the day
• Stretch uppers form around bunions, hammertoes, crossed-toes as well as accommodate very swollen feet
• Seamless interior forefoot aids in avoiding irritation of the diabetic foot.
• Stretch uppers and easy single strap touch closures make fitting adjustments a breeze, especially if your feet
swell during the day.
• Stretch uppers can be heat molded if needed to make permanent forms around particularly difficult toes / bunion
• Removable Inserts make room for Pedors 3P Inserts, Genext Orthotics or your own custom orthotics.

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Pedors Slides 600SL

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