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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an orthotic?

It is an orthopedic appliance that supports or corrects the function of a limb or torso. It can immobilize or control movement, reduce weight bearing forces, or correct the shape/function of the body.

Custom made foot orthotics require a thorough biomechanical assessment and a three dimensional mould/impression of the feet by a qualified healthcare professional.

Every foot is different and so is every orthotic we make at Orthotic Abilities. We take into account the condition of your feet and the nature of your activities.

What's the process?

The pedorthic assessment will include:

• A thorough history taking
• A lower extremity biomechanical assessment, including clinical gait analysis
• Evaluation of footwear and recommendations
• A three dimensional plaster mould/impression of the feet
• Recommendations for other treatment options as required
(e.g. physiotherapy)

Based on the detailed assessment, your custom made prescription orthotics will be unique to your condition, your activity level and the footwear in which they will be used.

How are my orthotics made?

Your custom made foot orthotics from Orthotic Abilities are made on-site. All the foot orthotics are made from the three dimensional moulds of the clients feet and is subsequently vacuum pressed or in combination with the state of the art CAD/CAM technology. The client has a choice of the type of material to be used for their orthotics.

How long will they take?

Your orthotics will be ready for fitting within one week. At your fitting appointment, we will check your orthotics for proper fit (to both your feet and your footwear) and give advice on wear and use. All followup appointments are complimentary and at no charge.

Are orthotics covered by insurance?

Many extended health benefit plans will cover all or part of the cost of your custom made prescription orthotics. Check with your employer or with the administrator of your benefits plan about the details of your coverage. A physician prescription is generally requested for coverage.

Are my orthotics guaranteed?

Orthotic Abilities provides a one year warranty towards any repairs or adjustments of the orthotics. We want the client to be happy with their orthotics.

What kind of shoes should I wear?

As part of every assessment, including gait and shoe wear patterns, we offer footwear selection and fitting advice suited to activities and symptoms. We carry a wide selection of footwear, so you can make your choice with expert advice.

Can My Footwear be modified to fit better?

Yes, we can modify stock footwear to suit specific anatomical anomalies, such as leg length discrepancies, to achieve greater comfort and support. If you have an unusual foot shape or severe abnormalities in gait that make stock footwear unsuitable, we can also make custom made orthopedic footwear based on a three dimensional mold of your foot and ankle anatomy.

Should I try non –custom Insoles?

Over the counter insoles may provide support required for people with mild foot problems. If you want to try insoles before investing in custom made prescription orthotics, we carry high quality insoles , many of which can be modified to increase support and comfort.

Can You Help with the Diabetic Foot?

Yes, We work with your health care professionals to prevent and treat pressure wounds, ulcers, and high ris conditions unique to people with diabetes. We also modify footwear to assist with unloading and wound healing.

Do You Work with Children?

Yes, Orthotic Abilities can provide both custom made and over the counter products to meet pediatric needs. Common conditions that occur among children and young adults include sort injuries, ankle sprains, patellofemoral pain, flat foot, excessive in-toeing and out-toeing gait, growth related injuries.